Some people argue that the fittest, strongest individuals and teams can achieve the greatest success in sports. But other people think that success is as much related to mental attitude. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The players from different sports need a certain level of fitness to perform on field. However, it is a matter of debate whether physical fitness or mental attitude is the defining quality of a successful sports person. In my opinion, the players need both physical sturdiness as well as mental resilience to perform at an optimum level. Games are a test of physical capabilities so the players have to be physically strong. Be it indoor or outdoor, most of the games require a lot of physical activity. It is in fact a test of who is more sturdy or agile at the field. Christiano Ronaldo at 34 is the world’s best football player and studies have found that he can easily give a 20-year-old athlete a run for his money when it comes to physical capabilities. This proves that physical toughness goes a long way in determining the success of a sportsman. All players go through a bad patch in their careers and it is the mental attitude that keeps them motivated in overcoming failures. There is no successful athlete in the world that hasn’t gone through a bad patch. In fact, the very thing that makes a world-class player different from an inconsistent performer is mental toughness. To name a few, Sachin Tendulkar, Wasim Akram and Lionel Messi are sports superstars that have time and time again proven that with the right attitude, a bad patch can be overcome. In conclusion, I believe that it is very important for the athletes to have both physical ability as well as mental resilience. Not only will this help them in defeating the competition, but also in retaining their success.
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