Some people say that holding sport competitions cause many troubles, others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

There is no doubt that sports play significant role in bulding nation’s identity. However, it is a debatable topic that whether a country should host a sporting event. While some believe that it does more harm than good, I agree with those who argue that these events must be welcome because of their considerable advantages. To begin with drawbacks, it is clear that handsome amount of public money is spent for organizing these events. For developing country like India who is combating poverty, low-literacy and mal-nutrition and other problems. it is totally inappropriate to spent huge money on such fency events. For example, in 2010 Delhi common wealth games, the government used over 100 million rupees for managing events, city infrastructure beautification and foreign delegates hospitality while the state farmers were dealing with worst water shortage crisis. Thus, these expensive sporting events consume big chunk of government budget which can be used for other development programmes, therefore they should be avoided. However, despite organizing these event are costly affair, the virtu they bring along can not be ignored. Sportsmen, journalists and tourists around the world come for these events. While their visit, they interact with locals, understand culture, make friends, and finally it results in cordial relationship with foreign communities. Additionally, it not only thrusts tourism, but also opens new business horizon in internation market which ultimately accelerate economic growth. For instance, Indian GDP increased 0.5% in subsequent year of hosting 2015 cricket world cup. All in all, these sporting events glorify overall image of country. In conclusion, although organizing such competitions are expensive, I feel that their contribution to economy, internation relationship and tourism are noteworthy and government should counduct them as and when feasible.
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