With the coming of new mass communication media like television and internet, newspaper is losing its importance.Do you agree with this or not ?

The face of communication changed with advent of newpaper. As the technology advanced, many other mass media interacting devices like radio,television and internet came into action.Though, these devices have many positive sides, still , I believe they cannot outweigh the eminence of newspaper. Firstly, newspaper is a medium to interact with large mass of people.Also,it is cheap and providing flexibility to carry it whenever you want and read it whenever you are free. Moreover, it can be piled so one can get access to read old newpaper, if one wishes to. Newspaper focuses more on local news,while internet and television serve as a global and international medium. For instance,in my state , Gujarat, there are many regional newpapers like Gujarat Samachar, Sandesh, Divya Bhaskar etc which keeps you updated with what is happening in our surroundings. Secondly, many argue that television, radio and internet provide a lot of entertainment and information , which is not provided by newpaper. However, I totally disagree with this view, as Newspaper supplement cover varied subjects right from education to spiritual preaching.For example, 'Times Ascent' in Times of India serve as a purpose to find recruitment in addition to providing best management tips and lessons. Moreover, many entertaining sections like jokes, cartoon pictures are also covered.Editorial section in newspaper provide you indepth knowledge regarding recent happenings in the world. In conclusion, as the famous saying quotes "old is Gold", the importance of newspaper can never be outweighed by other mass interacting devices like radio,Internet or television.
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