Today, the quality of life in large cities is decreasing. Discuss the causes and solutions.

Most capital cities in the world are facing a significant amount of issues when it comes to providing suitable amenities. This is due to the influx of national and international employees and students coming to either pursue the perfect career path or build those skills set to be successful. In this essay, the concerns of the living conditions in urban cities will be discussed and the answers will be stated. The largest problem in the major cities across the world is the cost of accommodations. The housing in the most populated areas are in high-demand as they need to provide housing for local residents and tourists. Hence, the price of the flats in big cities sky-rocketed in the last decade. A recent article in the guardian newspaper reported that only 20 percent of full-time workers will be able to afford a place in the capitals such as London, Sydney and New York. Hence, the conditions and the quality of the living spaces suffer as Landlords are attempting to house the working-class. In addition, the decrease in the employment rate in the main cities is definitely a contributing factor in resulting the low quality lifestyles as several people will simply not have the money. One solution would be for the government to provide tenant protection schemes to control the maximum amount of rent that landlords could charge as well as implementing the quality control of the high rise buildings to meet the safety standards. Therefore, the general public would be sheltered adequately. For the employability rate, companies and cooperate could offer interview trainings and courses to successfully secure a job. In conclusion, all vibrant cities struggle with maintaining certain standards of living conditions; however, there are also many methods to tackle these with the support from the government and large companies.
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