Extreme sports such as sky diving and skiing are very dangerous and should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

Sports are supposed to be enjoyable but certain sports like skiing and sky diving are actually risky in nature. Some people suggest that those sports with high risks should not be allowed, but other people have a different view. A hot debate has been sparked on the presence of the extreme sports. Those sports have several dangers, predominately accident rates. Serious injuries such as bone fractures and head trauma are not uncommon in the extreme sports, even fatal accidents. It is too costly to participate in those activities just for excitements. As we know, most insurance schemes such as travelling insurance which does not cover those vigorous sports because the medical expenditures on the injuries are significantly high. Therefore, we should understand that those extreme activities are actually dangerous and cost a lot to play. However, in certain circumstances, the extreme sports are necessary. The activities were originally from survival skills. For examples, pilots have to learn sky diving to escape when accidents happen on plants, while ice skiing is a technique to transport in some countries with heavy snow. The skills are essential to save lives indeed if proper training is given. Furthermore, with the development of protective equipment such as helmets and braces, the injury rates are getting lower and lower. As a result, the hazards of the activities can be possibly minimised. In conclusion, although the extreme sports may have potential harms, the chances of getting injuries can be reduced if safety measures are conducted. Personally, I do agree that the skills of the sports will be very useful when the situations happen.
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