Question: It has been said, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

As everything in life is like a coin that has different sides people must weigh the pros and cons before jumping to conclusions.
, some may think that reading materials are the best source of knowledge, in my humble opinion, the kills obtained from experience are more beneficial for the following reasons. With regards to reading materials, they are crucial sources for learning.
is because they always have thorough information that can provide students with a variety of skills.
To begin
with, books can strongly develop the thinking ability of young people, especially those in their early stage of life.
For instance
, elementary and secondary school alumni are always encouraged to read about different subjects like math, history and social sciences. By learning
knowledge, they will be able to know a little about everything which can broaden their minds greatly.
, books are credible assets for researchers whose job requires them to be equipped with scientific data that only can be gained from past experiences stored in books. All in all, we can`t and shouldn`t overlook the important role books do in shaping minds for both young and academic researchers. Turning to the skills acquired from personally doing things, I adamantly believe that practice makes perfect.
In other words
, doing things more and more help you excel and master your job. To better explain, some professions nowadays mainly depend on repetition.
For example
, pharmacists learn about the pathology of diseases and the right medication for it during their time at school, but they cannot gain the experience needed to deal with patients without practicing dispensing drugs via working in pharmacies.
is because daily face to face interactions can build up awareness about real case scenarios.
, seniors can always provide juniors with practical skills that can hardly be found in any other learning sources.
For instance
, consultant physicians can teach their subordinates technical skills during surgical operations which can be simpler and more efficient than reading the whole procedure from medical references. In conclusion, everything you learn in life will have an impact on you regardless of its source. Both books and practical experiences are important in enriching your mind, but nothing can
longer than things you do your own.
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