If you sell a product and people buy it, then advertising it is not necessary and considered as a kind of entertainment. Do you agree or disagree?

Marketing and advertising have always been an integral part of the sales process.
, many people believe that advertising is pointless if the
is already selling well. I do not agree with
viewpoint as advertisements offer many other benefits to the manufacturers.
To begin
with, it is undeniable that advertising increases profits as it plays a major role in convincing people to buy the advertised
by giving the feeling that life with it can be happier and more comfortable.
For example
, studies have shown that even if a particular
is widely consumed, using adverts will spur more people to make the purchase, which of course ensure the success of the business.
In addition
to that, adverts are essential to illustrate the benefits of the
and explain how it functions.
On the other hand
, advertising encourages loyalty among customers and increase their trust in the company.
would restrict any competition from other manufacturers who wish to produce similar products.
For instance
, the engaging and continuous advertising of Pepsi
large genus of African trees bearing kola nuts
has made it the dominating soft drink brand despite the fact that several other companies are trying to make a name in
the role of advertising extends beyond providing entertainment. It builds brand value and recognition. In conclusion, after analysing the previous points, it is clear that promoting products is vital as many positive merits are drawn from
, it is recommended that all companies launch advertising campaigns that allow their products to reach the widest possible market.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • inform
  • educate
  • brand awareness
  • capture attention
  • competitive market
  • influence consumer behavior
  • purchasing decisions
  • positive association
  • enhance appeal
  • product differentiation
  • innovation
  • customers' awareness
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