Some people believe school children should be given multiple short vacations, while others believe they should get one long vacation. Give advantages of both and express your own point of views.

These days, children prefer long vacations as compared to short vacations. While some people contend that school children need numerous short vacations, others deem that they prefer long vacation. I agree with the latter argument, and in this essay, I will discuss both advantages with my view. To begin, it is advantageous for children to provide them with multiple short vacations, for they can take a break from studies frequently. This is because pupils get rid of mental stresses such as reading for several hours, focusing on a particular thing for a long time that may hamper their studies. Similarly, kids shall have enough time to spend with their love ones. The reason for this is to visit relatives’ house on a holiday like a weekend or even a public holiday for entertainment. However, there are benefits for children in getting a long vacation too. The school children will join some coaching classes to enhance extracurricular activities as well. Some kinds of entertainment, for instance, singing, dancing, swimming, language classes helps them a lot in acquiring positive outputs. In addition, students at school could travel to world tour with their family and friends. This happens because kids are keen to know about other’s culture, tradition, norms, values, and lifestyles, so to generalize it in their lives. Children tend to show interest in others cuisines, festivals, and clothes as well. In conclusion, since the benefits of short vacations are taking breaks frequently and spending valuable times with loved ones, there are advantages of having long vacation as well like joining coaching classes and traveling world tour. Personally, I believe long holiday is better.
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