Some people believe that it is good to share as much as information as possible in scientific research, business and academical world. Others believe that aome information is too important ot too valuable to be shared freely. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some people think that sharing of data is fine in terms of scientific studies, business and education. Others perceive that providing details is too precious to be free of charge. Along with my opinion, this essay will discuss both views if it is not bad to share too much information or to provide such details for free. On the one hand, it is undisputed that business tycoons believed that sharing relevant facts might cause threats with their business profits. Therefore, they make sure that no information will be leak out without gaining in return. For instance, famous restaurants who are known with their trademark of a particular dish will absolutely not share their secret recipies. In my own point of view, I believed that in sharing relevant information for free there should be limitations especially to maintain their uniqueness. On the other hand, it is often considered by many that providing facts based on evidence will help in the improvement of the health care system. Thus, it will lead to more advance treatment like treating cancer. For example, a recent study was conducted in Sweden, in which they discover on how to diagnose Leukemia as early as possible based on the information that had been shared by the Australian researchers. I think that, sharing information have a significant imapacts for the development in the health care facilities. To sum up, it is commonly believed that it is too exquisite to give details for free, but I believed that in doing this it should be limited. While others think that, it is alright to provide relevant facts because it will aide to the innovations of the health care field.
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