Due to the development and rapid expansion of supermarket in some countries, many small, local business are unable to compete. Some people think that the closure of local business will bring about the death of local communities. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Impossible competition is a opinions about local business from some people which is due to the development and rapid expansion of supermarket in some countries. This can lead to the death of local communities, while I strongly disagree with this view for many reasons. Increasing revenue is a benefit for many small and local business. Firstly, if supermarket spread around the world, inhabitants of local area could have a better chance to sell their goods to a greater number of customers since the supermarket also need supply some products and sell to people. Certainly, the local goods is more convenient than others because of shipping costs. For example, when the Big C Mart, which is one of the biggest supermarket in Vietnam, were established in Vietnam, they open supermarket around my country. It means everyone can buy products anywhere they like even the outskirt of megapolis city. Meanwhile, they sells loads of goods base on demand from their customers, as well as these also have local products. In order to compete, local business also need to best quality and pride which is also some advantages. Indeed, while supermarket is developing, local company can be easier to see clearly their opponent. As a result, they would invest more money to Research and Development Department. This can lead to a best products which could be interesting in market and attract customers. Besides, the establishment of supermarkets can help to feel pride. It can be seen in this case where local items presents in shelves of supermarket, thereby enabling rapid expansion around the globe. By doing it, brand might become popular, as well as local citizens can feel proud to use and speak to foreign people that their country also have a famous product. In conclusion, despite supermarkets is developing and rapidly expanding, it does not affect badly to local business. It can help them in many ways, including revenue, best quality and pride.
Submitted by The expense of living is higher in developed nations and it affects directly to citizens and society. In this essay, I will express this issue and some resolves. People living in the US or any European country would face daily expensive cost and it affects directly to every citizen and society. Firstly, It forces adult individuals to work in most of the time and takes away enjoyable moments in their lives. For instance, a direct salesman in car dealers usually conducts their tasks from 6 am to 8 pm to maximum volume of sales and meet daily costs. Secondly, this fact creates a bunch of homeless people, who come from both white-collar and blue-collar workers. In Silicon Valley, teachers, bankers or staffs of governments live in track, which is normal images that local people see every day. The best way is that governments and corporation must act together. In the US, authorities in some province encourage real estate companies to build more houses and apartments, they act to remove and shrink terms, conditions in certain sectors. Some also decrease business tax massively to attract large conglomerate. It results in thousands of apartments, house, which appear at the edge of cities or state. Let’s take Google corporation is an example, they proactively associated with state government and sponsor to provide low-cost houses in Silicon Valley for their employees and valley citizens. High cost in developed countries and other issues always happens in different contexts, hence individuals, corporation, and authorities must act and take their responsibility in life and our society. on
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