Some people believe that money is a source of happiness while some disagree. What is your opinion on this?

Money is a generally acceptable tool
that is
used for exchange of goods and services and to complete transactions. In as much as money make things happen, I disagree that it should be a sole source of
, Money makes a human to have a good platform for a fulfilling
life but
Accept comma addition
life, but
living a disciplined and purposeful
vis-a-vis pursuing success in one's field and reaching someone's goal in record time offers significant
, something that money does not guarantee.
For example
, it has been shown that professionals who are having a successful career tend to be happier than their counterparts who are into businesses because the former reach his/her goal as planned while the latter is usually not satisfied with the profit realized per time.
, there is a saying that health is wealth.
Living a
Accept comma addition
Living, a
by keeping fit through regular exercise, ensuring adequate diets and timely treatment of illnesses engender more
. Studies have shown that, individuals who participate in daily exercise has a 20% increase in
and quality
compared to those that lead a Sedentary Lifestyle.
For example
, Athletes tend to
a happier
than those that are often
set down according to a plan
In addition
, keeping a family oriented lifestyle where one
a regular gathering with family
members promotes
Accept comma addition
members, promotes
harmonious relationships that expel all stress emanating from jobs and business.
the reason why Africans are happier than Europeans and Americans. Studies have shown that Africans have the least tendency to have depression or commit suicide because they always complete at least 2 family gathering in 3 months.
For example
, Nigeria is considered as a country with happiest people due to the fact that communal and family relationships are highly prevalent. In conclusion, in as much as money is a good tool to get transactions done, it does not necessarily determine
as purpose-driven
, healthy lifestyle and family togetherness has proven to offer much more!
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