Q. Transport delays and long journey times are a widespread phenomenon in many cites today. What are the causes of this problem, and how could the situation be improved. Introduction. A. Effective transportation has been a major problem in urban communities. A lot of reasons how have been given for this delays which we will be looking at and possible way out.

In recent times, a greater number of people prefer purchasing things, such as reading materials, food items and air tickets, online. I believe that this has more drawbacks than benefits. The advantage online shopping chiefly provides is ease of access and less expenditure of energy. If a person had to travel miles to get to an outdoor market to purchase groceries he or she needs, that stress is significantly reduced with online shopping seeing they could access the shopping site with more ease on their electronic device, make purchases and have the goods delivered to their doorstep. This way, less energy is consumed on shopping and could be spent on other productive ventures at home. However, despite this, there are more disadvantages with purchasing items on the Internet. Firstly, the risk of getting the wrong item while buying another of choice is a huge detriment and one that happens quite often. For example, one could have ordered for a size-45 shoe after having seen the image displayed on the source’s website only to receive a size-40 or less. This common error makes the customer disgruntled and unsatisfied and may lead to more expenses as new orders are placed while standing the risk of having the item go out of stock. In addition to this, online scams and internet frauds are further drawbacks with buying items online. Fraudsters have found ways of stealing money from online shoppers by picking sensitive information left from their credit card on unsecure shopping sites. With the ever increasing number of online shops available, few pay little attention to web security leaving their customers at the mercy of scammers. In conclusion, I am of the opinion that although there are some benefits to online shopping, they are outweighed by the disadvantages. it provides little satisfaction due to common errors in size of goods delivered and it also exposes customers to fraud.
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