More and more people are moving away from an agricultural background to relocate to cities in order to look for work. What will be consequences of this? What solutions can you offer?

The majority of the population is moving in metro cities, small towns and other industrial area in order to get jobs,
of farming. It will definitely result in severe effects on the farming
as, the land loss due to salt formation,
shortage etc.
, by educating people about the new agricultural techniques, its financial aspects and career prospects will be the best resolution diverting people to start farming again. Nowadays, an agriculture importance in young youth is reducing day by day due to its lower income as well as it demands extra efforts to cultivate the land.
As a result
, farms which are not utilized for agricultural purpose are started forming salt on the upper layer.
In addition
, people are moving away from the agriculture, causing a huge amount of the
For example
, in reference to annual agricultural report 2015, published by the Government of Maharashtra clearly expounds that, 15%
shortage had registered and imported foodstuff from outside countries to compensate public needs.
, these problems will be resolved by educating people about new techniques, new hybrid crops which are able to produce more
and its economic importance in accordance with career growth. These all solutions will definitely convince most of the population in order to initiate their land irrigation.
For example
, The Delhi University had taken initiative to teach people about new types of crops, its economic facts and long run benefits that will balance their life.
helped around 5 million people around the country. To conclude, most people think getting
by relocating in cities is
a piece
of cake as compare to farming but it has its own disadvantages too.
problem has a solution to deal and divert people to start the farming 
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