Some people believe that we cannot learn anything from the past for our life today, while others believe that history is a valuable source of information to understand human's life. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Certain individuals are of the opinion that information from the ancient times is of no importance to our current life, while others think that this data has a significance in our present life. There are reasons for both views, but i stand with the latter. On one hand, history has no place in our world today as we have evolved in different ways. For instance, in the past, women could have as many as 12-20 children because of the need to keep a family dynasty. This practice will be of no significance in our current society as medically, it has been proven that having many children is detrimental to the health of a mother. For this reason, women these days prefer to have an average of four offsprings making no room for the ancient practice. On the other hand, our past has a role to play in our current life because our cultures and traditions are obtained from it. Taking the Igbo tribe in Nigeria as an example, the New Yam festival observed mainly by this tribe originated from the former times. This festival currently practiced till this day enables the Igbo people connect with their culture, without which, they will be lost. In addition, history gives a structure or foundation for the present life. In the former times in Nigeria for example, the naira to dollar exchange rate was 50 naira to 1 dollar, but the current rate is 360 naira to 1 dollar. With the help of the information from the past, the present government can receive some direction on how to tackle this economic problem, making this data treasurable to us now. To conclude, though history seems insignificant to us now because of evolution. I am of the opinion that this information is a treasure to us as it helps us to know our culture and gives a standard to direct us.
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