Governments should make more effort to promote alternative sources of energy. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Many authorities all over the world already pay attention on developing new resources of energy to replace the old ones;However, it seems not enough hence there are some ideas that they should try harder to encourage producers. In my point of view, i totally support this viewpoint because of some reasons i will mention underneath. our planet is running out of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and diesel in near future, therefore it is incredibly important to find out some altenative sources of energy. as we know nowadays the major percentage of energies which we are using come from minerals, it is really unsustainable growth for any nations or organizations because it will empty soon as predictions of some experts. Generally speaking, a host of political leaders are keeping an eye on this problem and investing for many studys to exploit new energies including sun, tidal and solar. However, not only expensive technology but also unconvenient conditions are two factors which hinder government to access and manipulate new energies in massive scale. As far as we are concerned, the Earth is polluted in many aspects such as air, water, soil. This is because human activities which burn coal, petrol, wood and gas for energy, so these elements end up spreading a massive gas emission which causes green house effect in global scale. Hence, we should take actions to cut down on demands for it. Take deforestation as an example, many regions in the world are detroying forests for fuel, as a result some natural disasters occur frequently such as flash floods or droughts because of lost cover by forests. Having said that, the more effective new energies, the more sustainable lives we can obtain. In conclusion, there are several serious concerns about energy in our era, thus, government should pay more attention on alternative resource of energy to solve those problems.
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