Today many children spend a lot of time playing computer games and little time on sports. Why is it? Is it a positive or negative development?

In the recent days, teenagers waste much time to keep their eyes glued into computer games and lack of time to work-out. I do believe that this growth is negative due to the drawbacks which have been brought to human life. It becomes apparent that some computer games involve killing people as well as committing crimes, which makes children enter into fantasy worlds and new lives. To be more specific, children are likely to manage their life without putting in charge in the factual world. As a result, its certain reason causing the enjoyment of teenager does not keen on doing different activities, especially sports. But last not least, it is true that child tends to isolate with the out space due to the interference of discrimination. In fact, young people feel inferior and awkward, as they make a fault and fail through during the sport-time period. In addition, this issue will lead to many drawbacks of the grown-up children. It is undoubted that one evident weakness of each young person is that would influence in physical health. In other words, looking at the screen makes student feel tired and depressed, immensely causing the distraction of search and study. Furthermore, children will copy the ideal model in the game environment; hence, their characters are also affected by violent trends rather than improving a better health from daily sport. Therefore, spending much time for electric games create a big risks for people. In conclusion, this development shows effects on negative side. There are minus points regarding health as well as study in children.
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