As countries develop, people tend to buy more and more cars. Do you thing the advantages for the individual outweigh the disadvantages for the environment?

Due to the change in the lifestyle, people are evolving themselves from two wheelers to the automobiles. Some are of the opinion that it has more benefits and is making their life convenient. I partially accord with this notion. To embark on, there are umpteen factors why purchasing the cars is beneficial. Primarily, the travelling to different places becomes easier when individuals have their own vehicles rather than going on public transport. It helps in managing their time and is more comfortable. For example, When going on any vacation with family especially the kids, as, taking stops in between the journey becomes easier, which is very cumbersome on the bus. Another reason is that, in the current scenario, there are a plethora of fuel efficient cars available which becomes economical when commuting on the daily basis, rather, spending money on using a taxi service. Sometimes, taxis are not available in the case of any emergency and the cost also becomes double when one has to hire a cab service regularly. For example, the cab service providers such as Uber always surge their prices during the peak hours which are generally the office hours and users have to pay more than the standard amount. However, owning a four wheeler provides myriad advantages, there are also multifarious harmful effects on our atmosphere. Currently, almost every household is having at-least one car and as a result, the traffic is increasing day by day, which is the main source of pollution. The humans do not clean the smoke filters of their vehicles and let the poisonous gases emitted into the sky. For example, In cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, the quality of air is deteriorating due to dangerous smoke transmitting from the vehicles. To conclude, although their are some negatives of the cars, the positives outshine them. As, they are not only the cause of environmental problems, still, it is the duty of human beings to buy more energy saving cars rather than fuel cars. In this way, the natural resources can also be saved from depleting.
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