Missions to explore space are hugely expensive, and there are problems on Earth which demand our attention. The number of these missions needs to be reduced. Do you agree or disagree

exploration has remained one of the greatest achievements of mankind. The notion that
missions should be reduced, because there are more dilemmas on our planet that need urgent attention, is becoming increasingly popular. In my opinion, I totally agree that the exploration of
should take a back seat and the funds poured into it should be used for the development and sustainability of the earth.   
and foremost, there is no doubt that
projects are a huge investment, but sadly they do not generate revenue, neither do they impact human lives. They only satisfy the curiosity of man to know and experience the galaxies around him. There are capital intensive projects that can use these funds
, which in the long run will benefit most of humanity,
the state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions
eradication and provision of portable drinking water.
, these resources can be channeled into helping resource- poor countries.
For example
, NASA, published in 2019, that it spent about 15 billion US dollars on
projects in the past year alone.
On the other hand
, the Cleveland clinic,
published in 2019, that it would need about 5 billion dollars to provide free medical care to all Americans in 2019.
shows that the money spent on trips to
can be used to better the day to day lives of people,
it should be curbed.    
, a lot of resources are poured into these missions. Apart from the technology and infrastructure, there is
the issue of manpower
as engineers and doctors. These people who are most likely to be at the top of their respective fields, are recruited for these projects, shifting their attention  away from more significant issues affecting mankind.
In addition
, it leaves room for gaps in learning and innovation in those fields.
For instance
, the Harvard Research Institute, released a
survey it
Accept comma addition
survey, it
carried out in 2018, which showed that 70% of its scientists knew one or two people that could give them headway in their current research works but are currently doing
activities.   In conclusion, the topic of whether or not missions to
outer space
should be reduced due to high cost remains controversial. I strongly agree with the school of though that these activities should be restricted and the funds channeled to solve  the major obstacles the planet is currently facing like poverty and food shortages.
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