Now a days some people think that libraries are not necessary, while other disagree. Both views and give your own opinion and example.

Libraries have been a source of information and entertainment for years. With easy access to electronic books over the internet many open that public libraries are no longer required, however many other contradict stating the essential. Both the views are discussed in enjoying the paragraph along with personal opinion. To begin with, public libraries are generally centrally placed, getting to them requires commuting to their place of location. People find it difficult, as with the internet , study material of any type such as textbooks, novels are easily available online, sitting at their own place. Furthermore, libraries are open for specific hours a day, limiting their access. Moreover, searching for books on long shelves of library hall is a tedious task, requires referring to a number of indexes to search a required book. Hence, the aforementioned off-putting factors are responsible for a decrease in the popularity of public libraries, making there future need doubtful. However, libraries have always been famous among individuals seeking a peaceful and isolated environment for study. With so many destructions at home people generally, find it difficult to focus at their dwellings; for both pieces of knowledge seek and bibliophiles no place is better than a library. In addition to this, the government managed libraries are free to the source of knowledge for many educatees. In developing countries such as Bangladesh, India where internet accessibility and penetration is minimal, public libraries are a must. In addition to this, libraries hold authenticated study materials, with the leisure of books holding historical and contemporary references. Thus, it is evident that libraries are important components of social infrastructure. To conclude, in my opinion, libraries are the essential requirement of any society, the books they contain hold literary and historical treasures. Also, their presence comforts the life of persons seeking knowledge, along with those part taking book reading as a hobby. Thus, the need for government-managed libraries is unquestionable.
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