In many societies, there is less social contact between the elderly and the young. What are the reasons and what measures can be taken?

In the recent days, it becomes apparent that the young tend to disconnect social relationship with the older people. There are some reasons which can be put forward to explain
changing pattern of
manner of acting or controlling yourself
more significant
most significant
impacts on the misunderstanding of mindset and activities in both generations. There could be a main essential reason why the older individuals do
less interact
less interaction
with the youthful people.
of all, it is no
that both of them have
big generational gap
a big generational gap
, which is distinguished by the differences regarding to
lifestyle trend
lifestyle trends
, senior citizens living in a traditional culture are unlikely to catch modern livings;
as a result
, it causes communication problems and thinking mistakes. To be more specific, fast and street foods are currently
key part
a key part
of the young’s life rather than eating at home with relatives as well as grandparents. Gong-cha Korean Milk-tea stores,
for example
, where are extremely attractive for children to drink soft waters and talking with their
soul mates
a couple
of hours, can be seen as trending life that the older cannot update and understand during formative years The consequences for both of aging groups are serious. One simple solution is that people should organize either party or team-building, which is
special opportunity
a special opportunity
to share their opinions and to address the former concerns.
For example
, Year-End Party is
great occasion
a great occasion
for one person to meet each other and to create a close-knit relationship between all generations and levels.
can tackle one part of society issues about different ages. In conclusion, several factors lead to less and less contact between the elder and younger people. We should take the measures to improve
modern-day problem.

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