Some people say that relationships should be based on honesty and trust. Others believe that it is sometimes necessary to be dishonest in order to maintain harmony. Which approach do you consider to be better in relationships and why?

The type of relationships we have with a partner, brothers, sisters, colleagues and neighbours are all different. It is argued by some people that connections should be established on honesty and trust, whereas, others believe that it is occasionally important to be dishonest in order to sustain balance. In my opinion, sincerity and faith are the important pillars on which any relation has built upon because these are everlasting and without these, it can only be built on mistrust and suspicion. Trust develops gradually in a relationship.
, it is important for the two to have faith in each other for the connection to succeed.
For example
, if a person lies to someone, other feels good for some time, but eventually realizes they have been deceived and
as a result
, they will be less likely to believe the same person in the future.
In addition
, a bond based on confidence and belief is less likely to be affected by others interference.
On the other hand
, being honest does not mean you have to tell everything to your partner. To illustrate, it is sometimes better to stay quiet and don’t argue or say anything,
of saying the wrong things to maintain a healthy link. Many individuals believe that it is occasionally important to be dishonest in order to maintain harmony.
, it may comfort the other person for a while and save your relationship, but, eventually, they will find out and it will have even serious consequences. In conclusion, some people argue that bondage between two individuals should be built upon honesty and trust while others consider being dishonest sometimes is important to maintain consonance. In my opinion, sincerity and faith are the basic elements of any relation because these are for life while dishonesty is a short-term solution that will eventually destroy any type of relationship.
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