Some people believe that the public health will be worse in the future than now. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

There has been a debatable issue regarding human well-being. It is believed by some that people will be less healthy in the
than at present. I completely agree that in the
, human physical
will worsen
as a result
of several factors.
essay will discuss the factors contributing to the issue. Poor diets
one of the main causes of people being less healthy and it is believed that people will have worse food in the
. Most of them will prefer fast foods which contain less good nutrients like proteins but have
huge amount of bad nutrients
as fats.
poor habit can lead to several chronic diseases
as heart attack and diabetes.
For instance
, the WHO recently cited that junk foods, even though consumed rarely, can cause severe heart problem and
should be eliminated completely from human's daily diets.
In addition
, it
predicted that fast food will gain more popularity in the near
, causing more and more
related issues.
In addition
, lack of physical movements contributes to the falling
people. Humans are getting busier day by day and hardly have time to do physical activities which is essential to get rid of dangerous chemicals in their body.
As a result
, the toxic substances stay inside the body and inevitably will cause
as obesity. Office employees are the evident example of
. They spend most of their time sitting in front of computer screens and only move during lunch time or when going to the restroom.
, CNN recently reported that 8 out of 10 computer programmers are either obese or diabetic due to their lack of exercises. In conclusion,
essay supports that
will be worse than today because more unhealthy diet will be a huge part of
human's life and less physical activity will be done due to busier lifestyle.
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Include an introduction and conclusion

A conclusion is essential for IELTS writing task 2. It is more important than most people realise. You will be penalised for missing a conclusion in your IELTS essay.

The easiest paragraph to write in an essay is the conclusion paragraph. This is because the paragraph mostly contains information that has already been presented in the essay – it is just the repetition of some information written in the introduction paragraph and supporting paragraphs.

The conclusion paragraph only has 3 sentences:

  • Summary
  • Restatement of thesis
  • Prediction or recommendation


To summarize, a robotic teacher does not have the necessary disciple to properly give instructions to students and actually works to retard the ability of a student to comprehend new lessons. Therefore, it is clear that the idea of running a classroom completely by a machine cannot be supported. After thorough analysis on this subject, it is predicted that the adverse effects of the debate over technology-driven teaching will always be greater than the positive effects, and because of this, classroom teachers will never be substituted for technology.

Start your conclusion with a linking phrase. Here are some examples:

  • In conclusion
  • To conclude
  • To summarize
  • Finally
  • In a nutshell
  • In general

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