Many things that used to be done in the home by hands are now being done by machines. Does this development bring more advantages or disadvantages?

Many house chores that used to be completed using the hands are now done employing the gadgets.
essay will
discuss the pros and cons of
transforming trend and
plead my opinion in the ensuing paragraphs. To supplicate the advantages, the trivial one is the easiest to accomplish the tasks at home with more convenience. Owing to
fact, these days, many responsibilities in the house can be managed more quickly.
For example
, cooking, cleaning and many other similar tasks can now be done in less time.
, the technology has assisted mankind to facilitate them.
In addition
, the new equipment has enabled us to perform work with much accuracy.
For instance
, drilling the nails in the walls is now much accurate and with tidiness, it is all possible due to the technological advancements.
On the other hand
, to mention the disadvantages, the principal one is the artificial flavours in eatables. Because of the availability of packaged food and quick recipes, people have reduced cooking in a traditional way,
has led to the eradication of natural taste of handmade food. To illustrate, Tin food highly differs in taste from the edibles cooked at home.
, leaving everything on machines has made inhabitants to follow sedentary lifestyle.
as a result
is causing many negative health implications for people.
, the use of technology should be limited, for not to cause the negative health effects. To conclude the aforementioned, it is true that, albeit equipment have made our lives easier in many ways.
, in regards to the dependency upon the artificial intelligence cannot be neglected at the same time.
, in my opinion, the advantages of
development outweigh the disadvantages

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