Some parents buy their children a large number toys of toys to play with , What are the advantages and disadvantages for the child of having a large number of toys

It is true that nowadays most of the parents spend huge sum of money to buy toys for their kids. There are certain advantages in buying more toys.
On the other hand
, it has got its own disadvantages as well. Both sides will be discussed in
essay. One of the key benefits in buying more or expensive toys is that they serve an educational purpose. Many parents believe that interactive toys will help children to enhance their learning skills and understanding.
For example
, scrabble will help to improve vocabulary and word formation ideas.
, with growing technologies, there are more smart toys available in the market that will increase kid's creativity.
, it is most common to see both parents working, especially in metro cities. Due to which, it is extremely hard for them to spare
with their children.
As a result
, they are buying more toys hoping that it will compensate the
which they were unable to spare. Despite of above positive arguments, there are many disadvantages in having too many toys. The biggest problem is that children become introverts. Earlier, toddlers used to play outside games which helped them to interact and develop their leadership and ability to work as a team.
On the contrary
, kids who play with toys become reclusive because they play alone with their non-living toys.
, they are not able to mingle with people and share their emotions.
, family ties are weakening over generations. Recent survey highlights that teenagers spends most of their
in virtual worlds like smartphones rather than with real people. In conclusion, playing with toys will certainly benefit kids to improve their skills.
, the
they spend with toys need to be limited as it will seriously impact their social life.
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