The rise of convenience foods has helped people keep up with the speed of the modern lifestyle. what are the advantages of this trend? do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Fast food, as the name suggests, go in tandem with the needs of the fast paced present day living. While the ease of its accessibility and subsequent usage has made it a favourite currently, the ready to eat meals pose health hazards.
, we need to evaluate the benefits of its compatibility for a rapidly changing life over the other risks associated with it. On one hand, quick meals do serve the purpose of satisfying the hunger on the go. Not only it saves time but
present a wide range of options for a person to choose from.
In addition
, it comes as a handy option for people who are unable to cook at home due to any specific constraints, especially single fathers or people who work in double shifts.
For instance
, for a single parent who switches between jobs, it will be worthwhile for him to buy the eatables for his children and spend the available time with his children as compared spending the same time in cooking.
, the availability of ready made goodies has made family travelling much more enjoyable without having the need to carry cooking utensils while on outings.
but not the least, it tastes delicious.
, instant diet carries a greater health risk. As per medical studies, one of the major reasons behind obesity in a younger generation is their addiction to junk diet. High calories and the preservatives taken in through
snacks are taking a toll on the consumer.
For instance
, we have seen many videos on social media showing the excessive preservatives used in a burger keeping it fresh for weeks even without refrigeration. Another major demerit of dependence upon ready to eat meal is that it has drastically minimised the need of cooking with family and
the family bonding over a dinner table in the case of home cooked dinner is getting diluted day after day.
, the cost of
eatables is way higher than an individually cooked meal. In conclusion, convenience cuisine,
caters to the needs of a speedy way of living, but their adverse impact on health, family bonding as well its cost do overshadow its benefits. One should exercise a restraint on consumption of
foods and confine it only to circumstantial needs
of making it an integral part of a long term diet pattern.
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