Some people say that protecting the environment is the government’s responsibility. Others believe that every individual should be responsible for it. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

In the modern world, environmental issues are becoming increasingly serious. In
regard, many people are keen to think that the responsibility for the nature should take the government.
, others feel that every individual should protect the atmosphere. Personally, I believe that authorities should regulate and subsidize the conservation of the environment, and individuals should take care the nature as well by participating voluntary works and donate some money for specific organizations. On the one hand, the people should take action in order to save the planet. In
regard, many people are able to at least plant on a tree in his/her life.
, some scientists can conduct the research on
For example
, they can investigate the effects of greenhouse emissions and carbon dioxide.
, they can do a voluntary work every weekend at their area or neighbourhood,
as cleaning the rubbish or brush up the plants.
On the other hand
, government can organise and subsidise
kinds of initiatives. In
case, they are able to motivate or tax private companies and investors to fund the money for solving environmental problems.
For instance
, German governors introduced special taxes for the green economy. The other solution can be a media resources, as many people watch the TV and read the newspapers, they can invite the people to use eco-friendly products and foods.
, individuals should be initiated to protect the nature. To conclude, it is true that many people are reckoned to think that the administration should save the environment, personally, In my opinion, I believe that every individual should pay enough attention to the surrounding world.
In addition
, the government should invest the money for conservation.

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