Some people think that the best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentences. Others, however, believe there are better alternative ways of reducing crime. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Teachers are essential assets of our society,
there are multiple perspectives to what they are responsible for. It is generally believed by some that teachers are only responsible for directing students academically.
On the contrary
, many think that teachers are accountable for moulding an individual perspective and compelling them to rights and wrongs in their life.
, In
essay I will gauge both perspectives at length and discuss why I believe in the latter one.
, some people are of the opinion that teachers are solely responsible to teach from the books, that they should not be accountable for shaping an individual moral compass.
individuals, mostly believe that despite the student spending considerable time with their teachers it is not their responsibility to construct the character of the individual. It is often put forward that teachers should leave
for parents to do it.
for instance
, if a student is involved in any dubious activity the teacher should ask their parents to try to teach their child to rectify it
of doing it on their own.
In contrast
, another school thought reckons that teachers should hold the responsibility of shaping an individual. It is considered that if individuals would behave right, teachers will find it easy to convey their lectures more efficiently.
is why it is essential that apart from academic responsibilities teachers should preach an individual the moral, cultural, and social values of the society.
As a result
, they will not digress from the right path.
For example
, a student who acts as a bully in school needs to be taught a lesson by the teacher primarily and
by their parents. In conclusion, my opinion is that
, teachers should be responsible to teach students the righteous path and that they should go beyond their call of their duty, it is equally the parent's duty to ensure that their children understand, adapt and culture the rights and the wrongs in their routine life.
, they won't be able to be morally, socially and emotionally upright.

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