It is now possible for scientists and tourists to travel to the remote natural environment, such as South pole. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Due to the evolution of new technologies, travelling to remote places has become possible, these days. I believe that the negatives of the mentioned trend outweigh the positives and
essay will explain the reasons for that. On the one hand, visiting the isolated areas has some benefits.
travel experience can be enthusiastic. Since, going to other countries or cities are pretty common nowadays, it would be more exciting to fly to distant locations of earth
as the South pole or the Amazon Rainforest.
type of journey provides not only valuable experiences, but
unforgettable memories.
For instance
, in North Pole, scientists can learn extensively about the natural habitat of Polar bears and the living conditions, because usually they live away from humans.
, certain risks are involved in
kind of adventurous trips.
, most of these remote natural locations are treacherous to opt for travel. Specifically, the temperature at the South Pole is extremely low, in which the survival of humankind can be quite complex and even cause health related issues. Apart from that, journey to dense forests involves few dangers of being attacked by the wild animals. Due to
denotes a person or thing
, before travelling to these isolated regions, people need to consider huge safety measures which cause them to spend exorbitantly to arrange similar voyages.
, it seems only affluent individuals and scientists can only able to afford
activity. To conclude,
arranging long travel to distant parts of the earth might be exciting, there are a myriad of dangers associated with it. From
essay, it is evident that the disadvantages of
trend outweigh the advantages.

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