Some people feel that paparazzi should not follow celebrities and invade their privacy by taking pictures of them everywhere, while others believe this is just the price of fame. Discuss both sides and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer, and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

The paparazzi
are notoriously known
is notoriously known
for their habit of invading the privacy of the celebrities. While some people think that the price of fame needs to be paid, others believe they must be left alone during their private expeditions. In my opinion, not every time is a good time to click a picture, so the actors/actresses should be given some personal space.
essay will discuss both views in depth and suggest why it is not a good idea to follow the celebs everywhere.
To begin
with, famous people are humans just like ordinary people and have the right to privacy. The showbiz journalists destroy
private space when they pursue the stars everywhere for the single best shot for their page 3 article.
For instance
, sometimes the media people click and post an article which is embarrassing at times to sell the paper or increase traffic on websites online.
On the other hand
, others believe that a lack of privacy is the cost of being famous. Artists and
enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and they are the idols of many individuals. People want to know each and everything about
Accept comma addition
them, hence
, it becomes necessary to capture every moment of their life for the sake of others.
For example
, there are articles in the newspaper about the fitness regime of many sportsmen and their diet. So, many people who want to be just like their
something regarded with special favor or liking
star can emulate their regime and diet. In conclusion, while there are people who think it is ok to haunt the celebrities for their pictures, as it is a price they pay for being famous, there are
people who believe
essay discussed the two sides and suggests that
it is important to provide insights on
celebs’ personal lives
the celebs’ personal lives
, they should do so without harassing them.
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