For centuries, important parts of education have remained such as reading, writing and maths. With the advent of computers, some people think that computer skill be made as a fourth skill to be added to the list. To what extent do you agree?

For decades, the principal of the education system has remained unchanged with reading, writing and maths. While a group of people vocalise that, as
invention is a part of our life, it should be a task of the school curriculum.
essay will amplify why it would be more beneficial, though, it has some negative consequences.
To begin
with, technology deprives real human interaction,
make learners less productive. Because,
inventions are too addictive for scholars, the majority of the students spend much time in gaming and chatting rather than learning. Even though, pupils do not write their assignment, as a ready assignment is available online they can collect it.
In addition
dependency on the
makes student dimwitted.
For example
, most of the students are lacking
activities, because, they spend all day long in social media and playing game on the desktop.
few instances can bolster the existing concept that, students are most often abuse
information tech, in place of, acquiring knowledge.
, if informative authorities insert the
lab to the enlighten curriculum and provide appropriate guideline to the pupils, they must be facilitated. Since, it will not only open up the enormous resources, but
, help cognitive developments and adds up skills. In order to make lesson more effective and compelling towards pupils, mentors take the conveniences of information technology.
For instance
, Wikipedia is a prime example, where anyone can gain access to any kind information for doing research or learning with just a simple click. Overall,
advancement of the tech in the classroom can boost the learning process and work as a handy tool for betterment of education. In conclusion,
, the
has some irrefutable worse outcomes, it is essential for ensuring prosperity and bring success. To infer, I'm convinced that nowadays all individual's are relying on technology in every aspect of their lives, so, it is compulsory to grow up with
modern era and to be mindful about all of
cutting-edge innovation beside subjective lessons.

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