The gap between rich and poor is increasing. What problems does it cause? What solutions can you suggest?

Over the years, the dichotomy between the upper and the lower class has been on the rise.
essay will explore capitalism and corruption as two major reasons and proffer possible measures to mitigate the situation. To start with causes, one of the obvious catalyst to the widening gap between the high and the low is capitalism.
is a system which continuously enriches the highly placed at the disadvantage of the other.
For instance
, it is the wealthy that have the power to acquire properties and own businesses due to their elevated access to funding and the elites who are mostly the political figures in the realm of affairs.
As a result
advantage easily lends credence to riches,
placing them above the ordinary persons who continues to crawl with no support. Another vital point to consider is that of corruption. A reason is that the political leaders often show tendencies to greed and
leads to the them possibly abusing their power and likely feeding fat on national treasure while the others languish in abject poverty. There are two effective remedies to the above challenges, the
of which is the introduction of communal governing process by the head of states.
is important because it will forestall the initial discussed issue and enable equitable distribution of resources. To illustrate, the Chinese system of leadership where everyone is one is a good example. Another measure to combat the latter concern is that portfolio holders must be accountable and ensure that everybody is adequately catered for. If
can be achieved, basic amenities will be available and opportunities to take bribe will be eliminated.
, the society will harmoniously grow and be free of potential practices that may create differences. In conclusion,
modern property economy and self-enrichment are major causes of variation in citizenship status,
can be improved if the leaders can ensure equity and selflessness between all. I believe it will help bridge the rising gap between the duo and install greatness and a feeling of togetherness which is important for national growth and development.
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