In many countries, schoolchildren are required to wear school uniforms. Do you think this should be enforced in all schools?

It is often believed that a uniform helps create a disciplined atmosphere at school. I agree with
view. In my opinion, students should be required to wear uniforms because of the many benefits offered by it. There are many reasons why the uniform is essential in schools.
, it creates an optimistic environment in schools;
, the propriety of the institute is maintained efficiently as poor children are not frightened on the basis of their dresses.
eradicates any inequality between rich and poor students. To illustrate my point, take the example of India, where the institutional clothes are mandatory, it helps the Indian government to make an unbiased environment between students.
, a happy environment is created. Another point is that the dress code enables children to concentrate more on studies rather than on their wardrobe. When they do not have to worry about what to wear to school, they can work to achieve their goals.
, parents’ hard earned money is saved as children are supposed to abide by uniforms.
For instance
, many parents are happy to send their children to schools where dress code is compulsory so that they can save the money.
, despite the benefits, there are certain minor drawbacks.
For example
, standard size uniforms may not be comfortable for obese children.
, those children can get their institute clothes stitched by a tailor. Another minor issue is that students may get tired of wearing the same piece of clothing every day;
problem can be resolved by having different uniforms on different days. In conclusion, uniform makes it easier to maintain discipline at school and create an atmosphere of equality. Enforcing a rule that requires students to abide by a dress code has more advantages than disadvantages.

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