Some people think that work is the most important thing of people's life. Without the success of career, life will become meaningless. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is widely believed that the foremost thing in
is work, so only having a successful
would lead to a meaningful
. From my perspective, I totally agree with
opinion, and will give my reasons below.
, carving out a great
is the most effective way to improve a person’s living quality. It is undeniable that the better careers people have, the higher income they generate.
For instance
, a recent study by Banking Academy of Vietnam found that the income of an average teller in Vietcombank in 2018 was significantly lower than the CEO with about 15,000 and 100,000 US dollars per year respectively. Thanks to
the higher
the high
the highest
level of wealth, individuals will be given
encouraging or approving or pleasing
conditions to increase their quality of
with a larger amount of money spent on education and healthcare services.
, a prosperous
has the ability to improve a person’s social status. Perhaps the best example of
is Barack Obama, who is one of the most well-known politicians all over the world. He had a distinguished political
as the 44th president of the US from 2009 to 2017.
can be
seen in the fact that during his term in office, America's soft power and reputation abroad considerably improved. He, with his brilliant
, always is respected by both the US residents and the oversea ones, even after he left office and retired in 2017.
demonstrates, I believe that high social status is attached to
success. In conclusion, it seems to me that work plays a vital role in people’s
, it is essential for them to advance their careers successfully due to the above-mentioned two reasons.

Fully explain your ideas

To get an excellent score in the IELTS Task 2 writing section, one of the easiest and most effective tips is structuring your writing in the most solid format. A great argument essay structure may be divided to four paragraphs, in which comprises of four sentences (excluding the conclusion paragraph, which comprises of three sentences).

For we to consider an essay structure a great one, it should be looking like this:

  • Paragraph 1 - Introduction
    • Sentence 1 - Background statement
    • Sentence 2 - Detailed background statement
    • Sentence 3 - Thesis
    • Sentence 4 - Outline sentence
  • Paragraph 2 - First supporting paragraph
    • Sentence 1 - Topic sentence
    • Sentence 2 - Example
    • Sentence 3 - Discussion
    • Sentence 4 - Conclusion
  • Paragraph 3 - Second supporting paragraph
    • Sentence 1 - Topic sentence
    • Sentence 2 - Example
    • Sentence 3 - Discussion
    • Sentence 4 - Conclusion
  • Paragraph 4 - Conclusion
    • Sentence 1 - Summary
    • Sentence 2 - Restatement of thesis
    • Sentence 3 - Prediction or recommendation

Our recommended essay structure above comprises of fifteen (15) sentences, which will make your essay approximately 250 to 275 words.

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