To solve the ever-increasing environmental hazards throughout the world, the best way is to increase the price of fuel. What is your opinion on the above assumption?

With the ever increasing population, the demand on the natural resources have been rising sharply. Raising the price of fuel has been considered as one of the most important steps in reducing the impact on the environment. In
essay, I will discuss the limitations of
activity and what other steps can be taken to help reclaim the mother earth. In fact, the increased prices of fuels can help reduce its consumption, which in turn can help replenish the natural fossil fuel levels of the earth. But
, there are no other major changes in other segments that it can impact.
there are limitations to
, there are many proven ways to reduce the environmental hazards.
, afforestation is a great way of dealing with elevated contamination levels and lower percentage of oxygen in the air.
For example
, it is widely known that the pollution levels in the world are the highest in the developing regions, wherein the deforestation levels were once the most elevated.
, reducing the output of industrial waste and imposing curbs on their production is one other way to decrease the atmospheric pollution, especially in the densely populated areas.
, the emission levels of CFC gases have to be lowered drastically, to help the ozone layer build and repair its damaged portions, which in turn can allow the ultra violet rays of the sun to pass through.
, there are many other ways to help reduce the impact on the environment In conclusion, in my opinion, even though by increasing the cost of fuels could help rebuild the fossil fuel levels, it has its own limitations.
, there are many other ways that we could do to aid the earth regain its natural form.
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