Universities should allocate the same amount of money to students’ sports activities as they allocate to their libraries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Undoubtedly, a topic central to today’s debate has revolved around the question whether higher education should expend equal the same amount of money for sport facilities and libraries. Personally, in my viewpoints, I lean toward believing universities still have to give prominence to libraries and invest more allocation of funds in
field rather than sport activities since it has played a much more imperative role. On the one hand, there is no room for doubt that physical activities, especially sport, bring about many benefits for students.
and foremost, Doing exercise regularly via some sports like football, swimming, volleyball,... And so forth can help people to strengthen their fitness, ameliorate the resistance and flexibility, triggering a quick reflexes to adapt to new surroundings.
In other words
, pupils, through participating sports, can be likely to consolidate some vital skills
as time management, team-work,...
, despite the fact that sports exert some positive effects on students, they still can be able to enhance their physical condition by many other methods without requiring excessive facilities
as jogging an acquire many relevant skills, as well.
On the other hand
, a library, generally, referring to a place storing, managing books, accommodating an ideal environment for studying, reading, gaining knowledge, has been regarded as the highest priority in every school, tertiary ones
in particular
. The
thing to note is that the majority of pupils have to attend libraries on a daily basis in order to complete their assignments, do extra-researches, improve the comprehension in every field which are considered as the foremost objectives of every student.
, universities not only need to focus on the reserve, the provision of books in libraries, but they
have to modernise and apply some cutting-edge devices, in accordance with the general tendency. In conclusion, on the basis of the above-mentioned arguments,
physical-based amusement is beneficial in some aspects for students, it is just an additional sector of every educational institution. Concomitantly, due to many indispensable and inevitable advantages, universities have to expend the largest part of funds on developing their libraries.

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