The number of overweight children in developed countries is increasing. Some people think this is due to problems such as the growing number of fast food outlets. Others believe that parents are to blame for not looking after their children's health. To what extent do you agree with these views?

Nowadays, there is a significant increase of obese children in developed countries. Actually,
thought-provoking debate, whether the parents are the main reason behind
drastic quandary or the growing number of fast food outlets, has caused a ruckus among myriads of citizens. Unfortunately,
essay will depict how both sides of the coin contributed to
. With emphasis to my opinion,
I may catch flak with business men, the clear rise in the number of fast food outlets available is the bedrock of obesity!
That is
to say that most of these restaurants' menus do not include a variety of healthy meals.
For example
, if a child has the option to choose from the photos of the menu either a green plain salad or a cheesy stuffed-crust pizza, he will definitely go for pizza. Not only does the fast food's taste is much better, but its smell is outstanding! Extremely biased my opinion;
however despite
Accept comma addition
however, despite
the obvious proves stated, one cannot turn a blind eye on the blame that should have been directed to parents.
That is
to say even though I support freedom of choice so that each person make whatever he/she likes, parents should coerce their children not to eat a lot of these unhealthy stores.
For example
, if a child ate these more than once a week, fierce punishment, which both the parents and the children agreed on, should be done.
it may be hectic -and some may see it superfluous- for parents to keep following up their children, they will surely be healthier. To take all points into consideration, I personally acquiesce that both factors took part in these children's overweight. Notwithstanding that others may adapt different standpoint, I have a resolute unwavering advocate that children must have an iron will to lose weight and strive to be fitter. I
recommend that only healthy meals should be sold in the school canteen to encourage the students.

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