Even though doctors all over the world agree that fast food is bad for people's health, more and more people are eating it. why are more people eating fast food? what can be done about this problem?

In today’s material world,
there are many recommendations for stopping unhealthy nutrition,
trend has been growing more in the
century. Life has been characterized by its fast pace, and
is one of the main reasons for more people eating fast food. The two pivotal causes for
habit will be
explained in the following lines, and
I will give a suggestion that may help in solving
To begin
with, more financial needs are required from fathers nowadays due to the inflation of prices.
As a result
, many people are working for extra hours in their companies or even having another part-time job. Snacks are the main type of eating for these working professionals who do not know how these meals can negatively impact their lives.
can be exemplified by Egyp
t where man
Accept comma addition
Egypt, where
y young people eat fast meals because they work for more than 14 hours per day.
, if the young workers found a healthy type of nutrition, they would consume it. The latter cause of
habit is the technology that has led to the indolence of many housewives. They started to orde
r delivered mea
Accept comma addition
order, delivered
ls at home rather than cooking.
, there are solutions to
problem which ought to be curbed with the help of the government.
, an effective launched campaign may be affecting people’s choices in their eating habits.
can be done by a public figure who can be a role model for many persons in society.
For instance
, Canada has launched a similar campaign that encourages Canadian families to eat well and live long.
, families can consume a healthy way of nutrition if they are given a role model to imitate. Another solution is that stakeholders of the government have to instill laws that prohibit the opening of new restaurants that are serving unhealthy meals. In conclusion, snacks have become a common way of eating in many countries due to the fast pace of life. If there is a media campaign that encourages eating healthy food,
trend may be limited.
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