In many countries in the world, some people earn extremely high salaries. Some people think that this good for a country. Others think that the government should not allow salaries above a certain level. Discuss the both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, people can achieve high incentives. Some people think that
would be helpful for the nation in the growth of the economy, while others think that the authorities may stop the rise of salary at a certain level.
essay will discuss both the view and I support the former view.
To begin
with, a human having higher salary will be beneficial for the country. One of the key parameters is that an individual can spend their money to provide the service to the people of their population.
will give the chance to other people to change their financial status and education.
For example
, a somebody can start the teaching institute which gives free schooling to the middle-class families.
kind of human can expand their business in which creates the opportunity for the educated people in their country.
In addition
, to that they
start a business in the abroad by
increase the economy of the country. At
, the people of the society get a literacy and job, even by doing foreign money exchange helps the society.
On the other hand
, some think that rise of income may be controlled by the government. An important reason is that, people think that a person having more money would start to use exported products, which spoil the business of the local vendors of the nation.
For instance
, Research conducted shows that many people now prefer to use products that comes from the abroad,
as United Colours is the brand delivering the children’s clothes, become a more popular in the higher salaries people.
, people will continue to use
as a result
the future generation will forget the culture and tradition of the union. In conclusion,
the person having a high salary will help an individual getting the physical and the nation by financial support, the purpose of controlling one’s income is to protect the culture and tradition of them. The government should support and motivate
higher salaries people.
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