Some people think that activities during the free time should be planned while others disagree. Discuss both sides and include examples and relevant data from your own experience.

In today's world, everyone is so much pre-occupied with work, they hardly get any leisure
. An ongoing debate highlights a similar discussion, where some people believe that it is better to
your free
in advance as it saves
and money, while others oppose it, as it is mainly for relaxation and should not be made as tasks. The most significant advantage of planning early is it helps in saving
and money. Nowadays, people take out
for vacation's.
, if they don't
it early, they might end up paying twice the actual price.
, it helps with choosing a better place for a vacation. To illustrate
, in the USA, people
their vacation at least 6 months in advance, as they are aware,
minute they will not find a place to live and end up paying a lot more, especially on long weekends. A negative of planning early is, change in
. Some
due to health or weather we are unable to travel to respective place and end up being at home and whole planning has no outcome, which is rare, but still advised to book refundable hotel.
On the other hand
, unplanned trips are usually short, as some amount of
is already spent on exploring options. People do these trips mostly on weekends, to rejuvenate them something or just wanted a long drive to visit their friends or nearby relative. Unplanned trips do bring excitement as it boosts adrenaline rush.
For example
, the University of Chicago did research on people who love sudden planned verses planned travels and found out that sudden plans are more cost effective. It is because, they are short. An adverse effect of unplanned travel is the fatigue as we spend a lot on driving and being active and unable to relax. In conclusion, whatever trip we take, whether planned or unplanned, both trips have their positives and negative,
, planning is more relaxing and cost effective. Unplanned trips are short and exciting. Irrespective of the fatigue, both the travels are worth the enjoyment.

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