Recent surveys show increased interest in relocation and travel to other countries. What may be the reasons for this trend, and what will be the possible outcome from this behavior? Provide examples for your opinion.

contemporary era, there has been an increase in the trend of migrating to other nations.
, a latest toll illustrates, there is a considerable amount of people who express their likings to migrate and commute to other islands. In
essay, I intend to explain the potential causes and possible effects of
conduct in the following paragraphs. There are myriad factors which influence these actions.
, most individuals migrate due to the fact to improve the standard of living.
In other words
, the high value of overseas currency helps them to afford for most of the products and services.
For instance
, a recent survey conducted by researchers shows most of them migrate to the western countries as the value of currency is double than their home nations.
, Quality of education and health care are more superior.
For example
, Most youngsters prefer to graduate in top universities like Cambridge and Oxford.
Thus these
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Thus, these
factors, mainly entertain most of the individuals to migrate.
, there are some positive and negative impacts on these practices. On a brighter side, Indirectly boosts the economy of the sending country as the migrants send money back to their parents.
, it reduces the pressure of overpopulation in most areas. On the darker side,
leads to Brain drain.
In other words
country looses skilled and educated individuals. To add on, there would be a shortage of labour as most of the youths migrate leaving old people at home nation.
necessary measures should be taken by bureaucrats to limit the determents. In conclusion,
However migrating
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However, migrating
indirectly helps the sending nation wealth and reduce the pressure of occupants exploitation, there are some serious threats of loosing skilled people.
, necessary measures should be taken by the government of both the countries to go hand in hand.
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