More and more animals are on the verge of extinction and others are on the endangered list. What are the reasons for this ? What can be done to solve this problem?

In the past few decades, various animals have been disappearing and are on the edge of elimination.
essay will examine the main causes associated with endangerment of
wild life
all living things (except people) that are undomesticated
and propose some possible solutions to avoid them. One evident reason for
compensation paid (to someone) for damages or losses or money already spent etc.
is poaching of wild animals.
In other words
, some people are killing them illegally for the sake of valuables which are extracted from animals
as fur, skin and teeth.
For example
, World Animal Protection found in a recent study that 42,000 different rare breeds were killed in Australia only in the year 2019. In order to cater
problem the government should restrict the hunters by penalizing them and they can introduce a tough legislation in relation to shooting of living creatures
Accept space
may help them in lowering their death rate.
, destruction of habitat and pollution are
not the same one or ones already mentioned or implied
causes for animal excavation.
is because corporate giants nowadays for the purpose of making wealth are constructing buildings and decreasing the size of the forests, with that toxic waste emission is
disturbing the living pattern of the species.
is illustrated by the fact that in Africa, 30% forest area is reduced as compared to the total area which was available for animals in the 19th century. To resolve
issues the authorities should limit the construction by imposing heavy taxes on companies and
inquire about the pollution control feasibility for execution of
the project
would assist the administration in maintaining the woodland. All things considered, due to massive butchery and formation of properties, scarcity of
the breed
is increasing
are increasing
, I personally believe that the authorities must take necessary actions in relation to above difficulties,
in the nearer future rare living creature will be vanished.
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