Today, the quality of life in large cities is decreasing. Discuss the causes and solutions.

People living in cities are increasing rapidly these days.While the quality of life in metropolitans is diminishing gradually.
essay will discuss causes and solutions for decreasing better growth in urban areas. The two main reasons for reduced quality life in metro areas are air pollution and traffic problems.Even though cities are expanding significantly, air pollution levels are eventually increasing.
For example
, according to a survey the mankind living in these contaminated regions are suffering from serious critical illness issues.
, the other cause is traffic congestion.Most of the people commute daily using their own vehicles
of using public transport.
For instance
, humans in developing countries utilize personal cars to office rather than depending on transit to save time. The two major solutions to
situation are decentralization of development and increasing public transportation options. The development in a country should be distributed to different areas, despite restricting to only few towns.To illustrate, government should spread administration to different to various cities in a province or state.
, the government should increase the number of buses and trains for easy commute to their residents.To elaborate, if there are more number of buses and trains people tend to utilize them since they feel comfortable and
to save money.Implementing these two solutions will improve the air condition and reduce the traffic issues. To summarize, pollution and transportation problems can be reduced by decentralization of development and improving public transits. The above essay has discussed the causes of bad quality of life in cities and the solutions for improvement.

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