Some people think that children should be raised by all the family members (eg: uncle, aunt and grandparents) rather than only parents. Give your opinion.

Raising children has become an important aspect of anyone's life. There are sections of society who believes that the kids need to be brought up by all family members and not just their parents. In
essay, I will discuss the benefits of it and the limitations of raising the young minds by the parents alone. In fact, there are a few disadvantages of raising kids by only their mother and father.
, the kids only get to learn from their parents, which limits the amount of their social interactions.
For example
, it is widely known that the kids with greater social interactions in their childhood grow up to become individuals with high social skills and good communication.
, they would rely upon formal training to develop their skills rather than seeking advice from their immediate family.
On the other hand
, there are huge benefits that can be derived when kids are raised by all the family members. Not only does it increase their social interactions in their earlier ages, but
enables them to become well rounded people.
, it helps the family members in overcoming financial woes, which enables the kids to grow up with all the required resources.
For instance
, it is an accepted matter that in large joint families, members are able to effectively overcome monetary issues with the help of their relatives,
bringing about a better quality of life for themselves and their children. To conclude, when kids are brought up by all the family members together, they tend to learn a lot more than being raised just by their parents and
more beneficial.
, with the advent of corporate culture and modernisation, families are shrinking and people are increasingly depending upon training programs for learning to raise their kids better, rather than depending upon their own parents.
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