In spite of technological developments in transportation , many people believe that a bicycle is the best way to reach in any destination.What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a bicycle nowadays?

technology has developed a lot and its achievements in the field of transportation cannot be denied, still numerous people think that bicycles are the most convenient means of reaching to the desired place.Despite being eco-friendly and cheapest means of travel, these cannot be used to commute to far off places due to the consumption of many hours.There are other better methods available,
as cars and buses, and many more.
To begin
with, it is undeniable that cycles are cost saving and less polluting vehicles.Since these do not require any fuel,
an individual need not spend money on different fossil fuels,
as petrol.Apart from
, no consumption of liquid petroleum means negligible emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere.
Thus it
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Thus, it
prevents the environment from contamination of toxic pollutants.
For instance
, a recent research conducted by the "Go Green" foundation depicts that the use of two wheelers for household purposes helps in improving the quality of air by about 25%.
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Thus, it
has become the need of the hour to promote these pollution free vehicles.
, it is not advantageous to use bicycles to travel to distant destinations.
is due to the fact that it consumes a lot of time, and
it becomes necessary to look for other alternative means.Since it is not wise to waste several hours by using
mode of transportation, as nowadays people have become workaholics, so private and public transport automobiles are other better and convenient ones.
For example
, if a person wants to go, from Chandigarh to Delhi,
trains, cars and buses are some quickest way to arrive earlier.In short, longer distances can be covered more quickly by other amenities. To conclude, it is irrefutable that technology has equipped us with plenty of safe methods to migrate from one place to another.Bikes are indeed environment friendly and less expensive,
, these are time consuming as well and one can opt for some different transporting vehicle in spite of giving preference to their use.
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