You have a Facebook friend living in another country and s/he is curious to learn about a major news item in your country. Write a letter to your Facebook friend. In your letter describe a news story in your country explain why people are interested in it say how the story personally relates to you

Dear Paul, How are you doing? I’m writing to thank you for checking up on me and to give you details with regards
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to the
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Coronavirus disease epidemic in Nigeria. Let me explain our situation in more detail! About a week ago, a confirmed case of the disease was confirmed in Nigeria.
the individual has been quarantined, there has been uproar in the country and
is not unexpected, as many citizens doubt the government’s ability to contain
a deadly virus. Some people fear that the outbreak that will wipe us out has
landed on our shores, while some think the government is capable based on their Ebola virus experience. The world is definitely interested as to how Nigeria will handle
because platforms all over the world
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described the country’s handling of the Ebola epidemic as top-notch. So far, no case has been confirmed in my city, but that has not put me at ease. Recently, I’ve stopped going to work neither do I go to big gatherings. Hopefully, the government and infection agencies will control it soon enough so we can go back to living life to the fullest. Thank you for checking up. With love, Ayo
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