Some claim that not enough of the waste from homes is recycled. They say that the only way to increase recycling is for governments to make it a legal requirement. To what extent do you think laws are needed to make people recycle more of their waste?

The world nowadays is inclining towards a greener environment. Some part of the society believes that inadequate amount of waste is disposed as recyclable.
In addition
, people think that the government should bring reforms in their policies to make recycling a compulsory. In my opinion, I firmly believe that imposing a legal requirement over improving recycling scenario is entirely important for a safe and greener future. Mutual efforts by the state and civilians are mandatory to progress for a cleaner atmosphere.
of all, by implementing penalty laws in accordance to recycling of the waste, people will comply with the rules because
, they will be bound to be heavily penalized for not practicing the laws.
For instance
, people usually do not follow rules, even if they exist, because there is no penalty associated with the policy. So by the combined efforts of both parties, effective results can be yielded.
, if the authority does not employ
policies, the amount of waste that would be accumulated from all over the country would potentially harm the surroundings.
For example
, if the wastage is not biodegradable, it would slowly damage the sewerage system, rivers, and roads, as well as may prove critical to the marine life.
, essential measures must be taken by the officials to limit the exposure of
threats. In conclusion, environment friendly atmosphere is the future. The initiatives must be taken by the government to impose laws to encourage civilians to recycle their wastages more efficiently. In my opinion, it is a completely practicable approach that must be taken into action to save our motherland.

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