The restoration of old buildings in major cities around the world costs enormous amounts of money. This money would be better spent on providing new housing and road development. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The cost of restoration of historical or old buildings is quietly high in major cities all around the world. It is believed that
money is may be a good financial support for new construction and roads. I completely agree that new housing and railways are developed
restoration in below paragraphs. Doubtless, historical buildings are significant to reflect
centuries, not only located place,
in the world. Many of them should be protected by the governments,
financial resources is rather limited recently.
, the main choice should be detected in order to develop
standard for the people.
That is
to say,
how importance reflection of old ages, in the modern
the buildings should be suitable for a healthy growth without traffic congestion or dangerously old flats.
For example
, municipality of Eskişehir which is the city of Turkey, asked
question to citizens, rebuilding or new roads. The people chosen new ones, to being respectful of history. I strongly agree that the enormous economic expense should be asked as a survey of the individual, and
quality can increase by
On the other hand
, the world financial situation is getting worst day by day. The reason of
enormous expense has occurred in useless areas. Some of them, the recovery costs.
For example
, a ruin has created conveniently as like old in İstanbul,
, honestly, it would be better and all capitals which spent on it was remarkable. If
money would spend at school or new transport area, many people will fall comport. Admittedly, restorations are crıcial for protection our history, but financial circumstances do not permit it. Because of preliminary is significant for the humans. In conclusion, I restate that cost of restorations is highly expensive, so the municipalities or the governments should ask the citizens which one more care about them.
In addition
, modern buildings and flats, campuses are necessary for everyone supporting by the governments. I strongly agree most of the money should spend for modern

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