Some people say sports events help in world peace. Do you agree or disagree?

From the ancient era, games play an important role in spreading
around the globe. I completely believe that these events not only bring the national leaders on one stage, but
start the talks between the two nations.
To begin
with, when there are differences among the nations,
sports events help on bringing the people and democrats in one place.
As a result
, they meet with each other and communication is initiated among them.
For example
, the Olympics games held after world war-2 brought
in the world. During these games, spectators cheered for each other and the leaders sought out their nations’ differences.
, it created harmony and understanding among them.
, these events played a crucial role in spreading
around the globe.
, games
act as an initiator between the nations to start their dialogue.
For instance
, there was a cricket match series held between India and Pakistan in 2006.
event initiated the talks between the two nations after a long time as the finance ministers of both countries meet with each other and resolved their national issues.
, people admired and supported the players of other nationalities.
, they spread the message of oneness and unity in diversity.
, it is apparent that sports events initiate talks between nations. To summarize, according to me game events motivate to start the dialogue among the countries around the world and spread a message of brotherhood and
, it encourages the democrats of different countries to join hands.

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