Wealthy countries should accept more refugees and provide them with basic assistance, such as food and housing. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Developed countries should encourage more refugees and should be provided basic sustenance.
essay agrees with the statement because through
it can develop harmony in the world by helping one another.
, the wealthy countries has maximum resource, but minimum man power. By inviting and accepting people from other countries can help them in increasing their economy by utilizing the resources.
, it
helps the government to maintain a bond with other countries and vice versa.
For instance
, Canada is accepting many immigrants to get permanent residency in the country. As it is one of the largest country area wise, but has less human resource.
, they are accepting more refugees.
, the countries accepting more migrants should provide them basic amenities like food, housing. So that they can survive in the new environment.
, the government should subsidise in regular requirements like food
Accept space
electricity, water, clothing, house, transportation mainly for the students. Because they don't earn much in their college days, so it will help them to survive.
For example
, many international students taking admission in Australia are provided with minimal wages in their prior year. So that, they can buy their regular stuffs with the money. In the conclusion, I would pen down, saying that, wealthy and the developed countries should invite more people from other countries and should provide them with the basic necessities. Through
they can bring peace and harmony in the world as well as can increase their human resources which help them to grow their economy.

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