In many countries the amount of crime is increasing. What do you think are the main causes of crime? How can we deal with those causes?

Some major countries are growing faster and becoming more sophisticated. Even the crime is
having rampant everywhere.
, I personally think that there must be several reasons of
phenomenon as well as effective solution, which will be discussed in
essay before a rational conclusion. Many factors could be suspected as the main reason of
and foremost, the social discrepancy among society is possibly leading some people to do violation. It is highly likely that easy for them to be jealous with others, since, they have not been able to fulfil their life's needs with a same quality as others.
, the imbalance income could be happened between them.
, some individuals start to take other belongings without any permission. Taking the underprivileged people who tried to steal
for instance
, to survive in their life. Turning to a possible solution, as we can see that all of these issues occurred, due to the loss of welfare prevalence from government to the citizen.
, the policy maker should give more concern to the group of people who have a low income, by giving support in completing their necessities. Rendering the either monthly or annual subsidy for them
as staple foods, primary commodity and many others.
, they have to improve the level of security and to insist the lawbreakers for having a suitable punishment. Ultimately, the society and the environment could be feeling more tranquility and safe. By way of conclusion,
, the factors of the increment of crime in many countries, including social discrepancy and imbalance income, yet the government could be able to overcome those problems by improving the welfare and prosperity, through subsidy and
guarantee the safety of the society. As I would restate that crime act should be insisted properly because of its serious effects.

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